وکیل جرایم سایبری

just one life to live

جمعه 24 مهر‌ماه سال 1388 ساعت 07:01 ب.ظ

some time need to reduce big mistakes
some days need to appear great loves
some homes need to yell our laughs and cries
oh yes i know i have great mistakes
i refuse to be gived up
i stop to run under the light of sun
i wanna survive to live
i just need one life to live
just hands to hold me hold me
just eyes to catch me catch me
i just wanna live to love a life
when i grow near the rain and light
when i was child and play near the river of life
when i draw my dreams on the tree of my home
then i just wanna hold by hands of my mom
can you see sometimes life change so fast?
yes i just need one life to surf all the world
then i can say i'm survived
yeh it's got be funny when life is changed

این اولین ترانه ایه که من به انگلیسی نوشتم.امیدوارم خوب شده باشه.

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